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In the most recent video of this custom series, “Poison Stevie Strikes Back”, Jackie joined forces with you after defeating the evil redhead. In this VERY creative sequel, Jackie brings Daisy to the ring to meet you. You tell them both that if they want to be on your team they must defeat Teddy! Teddy is a master of “Tedjitsu” and a real animal at hand-to-hand combat. You leave and the girls suddenly see a small teddy bear in the corner. They pick it up and … well, there’s not really an easy way to describe this video other than to say there’s POV’s from Teddy’s part as big bear paws strike the girls, knocking them out. They try to fight back by wrestling Teddy with scissors and chokes but he keeps gaining the upper hand, even attaching himself to Jackie’s face! Teddy finally smacks the girls with double punches as they fall, see stars, and go out! The final scene has the girls knocked out on the couch, snoring, and showing their cute bare feet. Teddy counts them out by wiggling each of their toes and thus, ending another episode with this hilarious custom! And please welcome our newest fighter, Teddy! (

Teddy - 01Click here for our video teaser!Teddy - 01Teddy - 02Teddy - 03Teddy - 04Teddy - 05Teddy - 06Teddy - 07Teddy - 08Teddy - 09Teddy - 10Teddy - 11Teddy - 12Teddy - 13Teddy - 14Teddy - 15Teddy - 16Teddy - 17Teddy - 18Teddy - 19Teddy - 20

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