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Tap for Me, Baby!

This three fall submissions wrestling match starts with the lovely Becca dominating Ryan. When Becca gets Ryan caught in a figure four leg lock she taunts the poor girl, humiliating her by letting up on the pressure making Ryan’s discomfort last. Becca finally pours on the pressure and says “Come on baby, tap for me!” In round two Ryan makes an impressive comeback and gets even with Becca for humiliating her. She works over the blondes legs and finally traps her in the figure four. Ryan informs Becca that because of how the blond treated her she’s going to take Becca to the edge of submission …. over and over again! What follows is a wild display of leg torture with a standing key lock, belly to belly hammerlock with thigh scissor, a single leg crab, a keyed leglock, a reverse head scissor, and a final twisting leg lock that we don’t even know the name of. Ryan forces Becca to say that she’s broken and then ties her wrists to the ropes. She puts a final figure four leglock on the trapped blond and we fade out. This one is hot!

Tap for Me, Baby! - 01Click here for our video teaser!Tap for Me, Baby! - 01Tap for Me, Baby! - 02Tap for Me, Baby! - 03Tap for Me, Baby! - 04Tap for Me, Baby! - 05Tap for Me, Baby! - 06Tap for Me, Baby! - 07Tap for Me, Baby! - 08Tap for Me, Baby! - 09Tap for Me, Baby! - 10Tap for Me, Baby! - 11Tap for Me, Baby! - 12Tap for Me, Baby! - 13Tap for Me, Baby! - 14Tap for Me, Baby! - 15Tap for Me, Baby! - 16

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