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Summer's Sleepy Tori Toy

We join Tori and Summer in their corners preparing for a battle of the tall girls. Tori tells her fans that she’s gonna prove she’s the best tall girl at FWR while Summer laughs telling Tori that she’s gonna beat her tall, big-boobed brunette butt! The match begins and Tori is instantly dominated by Summer with multiple knockout moves. Summer taunts and teases her weaker opponent as she knocks her out with a corner foot choke, a choke with her t-shirt, belly punches, a camel clutch, a reverse figure four head scissors, a standing head scissors, chokes on the ropes, a body scissor/sleeper hold combo, a claw to the head, and Indian deathlock, a sleeperhold on the ropes, and a hair choke. Tori’s eyes roll with each knockout and sometimes her tongue pops out as she goes under. In the end Summer simply pins an unconscious Tori with one finger then poses victorious … only to return to give Tori one final humiliating double temple drill knockout!

Summer's Sleepy Tori Toy - 01Click here for our video teaser!Summer's Sleepy Tori Toy - 01Summer's Sleepy Tori Toy - 02Summer's Sleepy Tori Toy - 03Summer's Sleepy Tori Toy - 04Summer's Sleepy Tori Toy - 05Summer's Sleepy Tori Toy - 06Summer's Sleepy Tori Toy - 07Summer's Sleepy Tori Toy - 08Summer's Sleepy Tori Toy - 09Summer's Sleepy Tori Toy - 10Summer's Sleepy Tori Toy - 11Summer's Sleepy Tori Toy - 12Summer's Sleepy Tori Toy - 13Summer's Sleepy Tori Toy - 14Summer's Sleepy Tori Toy - 15Summer's Sleepy Tori Toy - 16Summer's Sleepy Tori Toy - 17Summer's Sleepy Tori Toy - 18Summer's Sleepy Tori Toy - 19Summer's Sleepy Tori Toy - 20

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