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Suffering With Sapphire

When Sapphire, from Sleeperkids World, visited us recently we knew that there was only one fem that we needed to match her up against .... KELSI!!!  Ok, you're probably thinking, HUH???  True, Kelsi isn't anywhere near as powerful and experienced as the amazing warrior woman from SKW, but we knew it would be really fun to let the amazon loose on our little jobber!!! Kelsi knew that she was wrestling someone from SKW but we didn't tell her who it was.  As the lovely Devon and Eliza walked past Kelsi during our pre-match interview, our lovely blond had high hopes that she could take them on.  But Sapphire sneaks up behind her and the demolition begins! Poor Kelsi gets knocked out over and over again with the following holds: Temple Press Knockout, Body Scissors/Choke Knockout, Pile Driver Knockout, Headscissors Knockout, Temple Drill Knockout, Boston Crab, Camel Clutch/Sleeperhold Knockout, Over the Shoulder Backbreaker Knockout. IT'S PURE BRUTALITY!

*Our vintage videos were filmed at a lower quality during the early years of FWR and are now being offered at a discount.

Suffering With Sapphire - 01Click here for our video teaser!Suffering With Sapphire - 01Suffering With Sapphire - 02Suffering With Sapphire - 03Suffering With Sapphire - 04Suffering With Sapphire - 05Suffering With Sapphire - 06Suffering With Sapphire - 07Suffering With Sapphire - 08

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