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Stretching Becca

You’ve heard these words before … “Poor Becca!” … and it’s time to hear them again! We join sweet Becca prior to her upcoming match. She’s stiff and arches her back to loosen up in preparation for her match. Lo sneaks into the ring behind her and the fun begins! Many creative holds cause poor Becca to scream and cry her submissions. Lo gets submissions from a choke/hammerlock combo, forearms smashes to the chest while trapped in the ropes, a back bending surfboard while trapped in the ropes, a cross face hold, an ankle lock, a stretch muffler, a sharp shooter, and a second choke/hammerlocks that knocks Becca out. Lo wakes her for a standing boston crab, a calf crusher, and STF, and a final knockout dragon sleeper. In the end, Lo drags Becca out of the ring and strings her up and on display to all her fans. Enjoy!  

Stretching Becca - 01Click here for our video teaser!Stretching Becca - 01Stretching Becca - 02Stretching Becca - 03Stretching Becca - 04Stretching Becca - 05Stretching Becca - 06Stretching Becca - 07Stretching Becca - 08Stretching Becca - 09Stretching Becca - 10Stretching Becca - 11Stretching Becca - 12Stretching Becca - 13Stretching Becca - 14Stretching Becca - 15Stretching Becca - 16Stretching Becca - 17Stretching Becca - 18Stretching Becca - 19Stretching Becca - 20

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