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Stevie Loses Her Man

We recently found this video in our unreleased archives and it features Stevie and Kat. Stevie brings you, her boyfriend to see her wrestle Kat but when Kat sees you, she begins flirting with you. When Stevie gets jealous, Kat decides to make their match a “winner gets the guy” match! Stevie agrees and they meet in the ring with you filming the action. Stevie starts strong and brags to you about how she’s so much stronger than Kat. After working her opponent over for awhile, Stevie lets her guard down and gets a low blow that stops her in her tracks! Kat goes to work on the stunned beauty with poor Stevie begging you to help her … but you only watch and enjoy the action as Kat finishes Stevie off with a powerful reverse figure four head scissor. Kat has you raise her hand in victory and you leave with her! Poor Stevie soon wakes up alone in the ring, realizing what’s happened and sobs as the video fades out. Enjoy!

Stevie Loses Her Man - 01Click here for our video teaser!Stevie Loses Her Man - 01Stevie Loses Her Man - 02Stevie Loses Her Man - 03Stevie Loses Her Man - 04Stevie Loses Her Man - 05Stevie Loses Her Man - 06Stevie Loses Her Man - 07Stevie Loses Her Man - 08Stevie Loses Her Man - 09Stevie Loses Her Man - 10Stevie Loses Her Man - 11Stevie Loses Her Man - 12Stevie Loses Her Man - 13Stevie Loses Her Man - 14Stevie Loses Her Man - 15Stevie Loses Her Man - 16Stevie Loses Her Man - 17Stevie Loses Her Man - 18Stevie Loses Her Man - 19Stevie Loses Her Man - 20Stevie Loses Her Man - 21Stevie Loses Her Man - 22Stevie Loses Her Man - 23Stevie Loses Her Man - 24

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