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Stevie Joins FWR

We’re proud to introduce Stevie, a cute little red head who will soon become a fan favorite! Out story is based on two friends who are lounging by the pool. Persephone is a regular wrestler here and Stevie is her friend … or WAS her friend! When Persephone decides to allow Stevie to see the wresting studio the red head quickly sees it as a sexual thing! Persephone immediately tosses her into the ring and attacks! She shocks her friend with a head lock, corner work (to include a little foot on face humiliation), a snap mare, boston crab, and a camel clutch. But as we all know, redheads are feisty and when Persephone lets her guard down Stevie low blows her then jumps on her in a high school girl pin followed by a tight head scissor. But Persephone knows her way around the ring and escapes to counter Stevie’s scissor with her own! A powerful uppercut drops our newest fem and a kiss on the cheek by Persephone welcomes Stevie! We hope you welcome her too!

Stevie Joins FWR - 01Click here for our video teaser!Stevie Joins FWR - 01Stevie Joins FWR - 02Stevie Joins FWR - 03Stevie Joins FWR - 04Stevie Joins FWR - 05Stevie Joins FWR - 06Stevie Joins FWR - 07Stevie Joins FWR - 08Stevie Joins FWR - 09Stevie Joins FWR - 10Stevie Joins FWR - 11Stevie Joins FWR - 12Stevie Joins FWR - 13Stevie Joins FWR - 14Stevie Joins FWR - 15Stevie Joins FWR - 16

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