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Stacie Beat Me Up!!

Hi, I'm Laci. When this guy who runs Fem Wrestling Rooms hired me to be one of his "fems" I was told that everything was scripted and all I had to do was look cute. So one day he calls me up and says "We want you to do a boxing match against another girl." I've never done anything like that but figured it was something like foxy boxing, so I agreed. A little pretend slapping around with boxing gloves sounded like fun and I needed the money.

So there I was, wearing my bikini and a pair of really old leather boxing gloves that felt like they weighed a ton! Across from me stood a redhead named Stacie.

I was told that this girl had been in a bunch of videos for the website and was considered one of their top girls. I could see why! She came into the ring without saying a word and took her corner. She looked across at me with a glare that would have made me scared if this was going to be a real boxing match! But I was told that we were just going to do fake hits and stuff so I wasn't worried. In fact, I kinda wanted to giggle because this all seemed so silly to me! What do guys see in this? Two girls in bikinis with big old puffy leather boxing gloves pretending to hit each other?

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So, finally a bell rang and Stacie moved to the center of the ring with her gloves held out. I wanted to bust out laughing at how serious she looked but went up to her and tapped my gloves against hers. Then we began to circle.

I didn't know what to do! I've never been in a fight before, let alone pretended to fight with someone! I felt so awkward trying to hold those big gloves up. I tried to match the way the redhead held her gloves, but it felt so weird!

So anyway ... I kept trying my best not to giggle or bust out laughing at the silliness of this whole thing when suddenly Stacie shot her glove out and punched me in the mouth! I was more surprised than hurt. She didn't hit me that hard but it was enough to snap my head back!

Something definitely wasn't right here! I wasn't told that there would be real hitting! I stepped back and circled around, trying to figure out what to do. I guess I could have left, but the girl across from me was stalking me and I was too focused on her.

Her glove went back again and I thought she was gonna punch me in my belly so I dropped my gloves down to try and cover it. But right at the last second her glove came upward and she slammed it into my chin!

I know now what they mean when they say "seeing stars"! A blast of light and shocks went through me and I suddenly found myself on my butt! Stacie walked over to her corner as the camerman started counting to ten.

I was more embarrassed than hurt and got to my feet. I certainly didn't feel like I looked cute as I stumbled to my feet and that added to my embarrassment! It was even worse when I saw the other girl standing calmly in her corner watching me!

I made it to my feet when the camera guy said "Eight!" and Stacie came out of her corner toward me. She didn't bounce around or try to circle me, she just strode over and stood in front of me. I still didn't know what to do but I saw her fist getting ready to punch me again! I saw that she was looking at my tummy again and remembered what happened last time so I started to bring my gloves up to keep her from hitting me in the chin.

Boy, was I wrong! Her fist slammed into my belly making me gasp! I kinda fell into her and grabbed her with my arms, hoping to be too close for her to hit me again. But that didn't do any good as she hit me with another short jab!

Stacie shoved me back into the corner and put my arms over the ropes. I watched her, not knowing what to do, as her glove suddenly came up and smacked me under the chin again! I saw those stars again as my legs got really weak!

As Stacie backed away, I looked over at the camerman, kinda hoping he would stop this. Then my head started spinning and I slid down to the mat. He started counting to ten again as the girl went to her corner. I don't know why I didn't stay down, I guess there's something about that counting that makes you want to get up!

What added to my embarrassment was the fact that Stacie hadn't said a word during this whole time. She just hit me then stood quietly for me to make an ass out of myself as I flopped around trying to get up over and over again! They finally gave me a minute to recover so I rubbed my sore jaw and tried to figure out what to do. I was already humiliated enough by this girl and although I hadn't really been hurt to the point of bruises or even worse, blood, but I was starting to worry that it might happen soon! I looked over at Stacie wondering how she could be so cocky and why she was beating me up!!

So, after getting a bit of a rest, a bell rang and Stacie came out of her corner. She moved around the ring, circling me and giving me that "I'm gonna kick your butt" look! At one point I thought maybe I could try to hit her but she stayed too far away.

When my back was to the corner, the redhead simply walked directly up to me and popped me in the mouth! She jabbed at me over and over again, making me back up completely into the corner of the ring!

I reached out and held onto the ropes, not knowing what to do! That's when she REALLY started going to town on me! Those big leather gloves kept smacking my face back and forth to the point that I couldn't even think straight.

I felt like such an idiot, just standing there and letting Stacie punch me out! But I was afraid! Those big eyes of hers looked fierce and her punches came at me so fast that all I could do was hang on and hope it would be over soon!

The punch that finally did me in came from down below. Stacie's boxing glove came up and hit me hard under the chin, slamming my head back hard! I couldn't see straight after that!

I actually felt like I was drunk as Stacie pulled me from the corner! I think I said something like "I'm done!" as she guided me toward the center of the ring! My boxing gloves felt like they were 50 pound weights pulling me toward the mat, but my legs wouldn't let me fall. All I could do was follow the redhead and wait for whatever she had planned.

Do you realize how humiliating it is to be so completely helpless that you can't even avoid the inevitable? I was basically hanging on Stacie's glove as she pulled back her right fist to hit me!

I heard the sound of leather smacking my face, but I was nearly unconscious and it was kinda muffled as it hit me. My body involuntarily spun from the punch but I still couldn't get my legs to let me fall!

I don't really know what happened next, but I could sense Stacie loading up for another punch! I swayed there making an easy target with my chin! I just wanted this to be over, for my legs to finally let me fall so the redhead would stop hitting me!

I felt the whoosh of air coming at me, followed by the impact of her boxing glove! I felt that dull thud again through my dazed mind and knew that this was finally over. My head snapped back, I made a little "Ugh" sound, and my legs gave up. I crumbled to the mat!

Peace finally settled over me as I slept. Deep inside my mind I could hear the slightly muffled sounds of Stacie's footsteps but I didn't mind. I knew the beating was over and she was getting ready to take her victory pose over me.

In my groggy state it felt like she was miles away from me, but I felt her lift my head and heard her speak for the first time in this beating. "I don't like little cute girls coming here to my ring and getting all the attention. That's why I asked them to tell you that this was going to be pretend. I hope you enjoyed getting your ass kicked, cupcake! And for the record, if you still keep acting all cutesy and innocent there will be plenty more pain for you in the future. Have you ever wrestled? I'd LOVE to squeeze that pretty face of yours between my legs or twist your skinny body up in knots until you're begging for mercy."

I was too dazed and groggy to hear everything she said, but I was certainly glad when she finally finished her victory poses and left. I could finally let myself go into a DEEP sleep and begin the healing process. I just hope I don't have a black eye when I wake up!