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Squeezing Super Bella

There isn’t much we need to describe about this custom video other than the fact that Super Bella is weakened and destroyed by Evil Mackenzi. The women face off in the ring with each trying to look more powerful than the other. Mackenzi, wearing kryptonite rings suddenly punches Super Bella in the stomach and Super Bella falls to her knees in pain. Evil Mackenzi then pulls her up by the hair and strikes her in the lower back causing Super Bella to thrust her chest out. Bella is now paralyzed by shock as her opponent slowly and carefully grips super bella in a bearhug across the super symbol. The remainder of this 30 minute video is filled with bearhugs and holds that accentuate Super Bella’s ample bosom. Evil Mackenzi does an outstanding job vanquishing her foe in various holds and grips and we’re sure you’ll enjoy the view!

Squeezing Super Bella - 01Click here for our video teaser!Squeezing Super Bella - 01Squeezing Super Bella - 02Squeezing Super Bella - 03Squeezing Super Bella - 04Squeezing Super Bella - 05Squeezing Super Bella - 06Squeezing Super Bella - 07Squeezing Super Bella - 08Squeezing Super Bella - 09Squeezing Super Bella - 10Squeezing Super Bella - 11Squeezing Super Bella - 12Squeezing Super Bella - 13Squeezing Super Bella - 14Squeezing Super Bella - 15Squeezing Super Bella - 16Squeezing Super Bella - 17Squeezing Super Bella - 18Squeezing Super Bella - 19Squeezing Super Bella - 20

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