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Squared Circle Scissor Circle

It’s the feel-good video of the year! Not for the contestants though, only you, the lucky viewer! During our recent MEGA girl shoot we couldn’t resist putting them all in the ring for a scissor knockout match. We positioned the girls in a huge circle and had them squeeze each other’s head in scissor holds. Your handsome and eloquent producer/video guy counted for them to begin then counted down for them to stop. Whoever was “knocked out” was removed from the circle and we continued until only two beauties remained! (Public service announcement: “Knocked out” means the girls who needed to leave for other jobs got eliminated first) The girls squeezed away, the circle got smaller after each round, and in the end only one amazing FWR fem was declared the winner!! While the premise is rather silly, it’s hilarious listening to a HUGE group of cuties screaming and moaning every time they’re told to SQUEEZE!! We hope you’ll enjoy this one because it cost me a ton of money with so many girls, lol!

Squared Circle Scissor Circle - 01Click here for our video teaser!Squared Circle Scissor Circle - 01Squared Circle Scissor Circle - 02Squared Circle Scissor Circle - 03Squared Circle Scissor Circle - 04Squared Circle Scissor Circle - 05Squared Circle Scissor Circle - 06Squared Circle Scissor Circle - 07Squared Circle Scissor Circle - 08Squared Circle Scissor Circle - 09Squared Circle Scissor Circle - 10Squared Circle Scissor Circle - 11Squared Circle Scissor Circle - 12

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