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Sparring with Sydney

This custom video is scripted by the same person who ordered “Becca’s Boxing Dummy”. You’re cleaning the ring when Sydney enters to practice. The script reads: “Overjoyed at an involuntary sparring partner, she wastes no time in beating the stuffing out of me with all the classic boxing moves.  Of course, like Becca's Boxing Dummy, the speed bag is my favorite move of your site so I would love an emphasis on that again like last time, lots of whirling arms, mostly double-fisted speed bagging, sometimes single-fisted speed bagging perhaps.” You’ll definitely love Sydney’s sexy outfit as she beats the stuffing out of you with her bare-fisted punches … with an emphasis on the speedbag facial! Enjoy!

Sparring with Sydney - 01Click here for our video teaser!Sparring with Sydney - 01Sparring with Sydney - 02Sparring with Sydney - 03Sparring with Sydney - 04Sparring with Sydney - 05Sparring with Sydney - 06Sparring with Sydney - 07Sparring with Sydney - 08Sparring with Sydney - 09Sparring with Sydney - 10Sparring with Sydney - 11Sparring with Sydney - 12Sparring with Sydney - 13Sparring with Sydney - 14Sparring with Sydney - 15Sparring with Sydney - 16

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