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Sneak Attack: Reni

As you’ve come to expect, Becca and Madison bring Reni into the bedroom during a long day of shoots. They attack her to send the message that the rookies need to stay out of their way! Poor Reni is punches, clawed, double teamed, squeezed, bent, and destroyed by the veteran wrestlers! Becca finally knocks Reni out with a choke hold then her and Madison give her a second knockout with a double temple drill. The beautiful double trophy victory pose follows to end this lovely two vs one series. BUT WAIT!!!! There’s MORE! We cut to inside the studio where a large group of FWR wrestling beauties are sitting around talking. Reni, Violet, and Persephone enter and take Peyton and Kat off to the side to tell them what’s been going on. Peyton and Kat head off to the house where they catch Madison and Becca in the bedroom. Peyton wouldn’t let us enter the bedroom with our camera but in a short time they emerge dragging Becca and Madison by the hair out to the studio! When we enter the studio we find ALL the girls in the ring with boxing gloves as Becca and Madison are tossed into the lion’s den! *Producer’s note: There’s not really a long segment of boxing but it’s a fun ending to a long day for all the girls. And based on the popularity of the “Sneak Attack” series we might consider doing more :) 

Sneak Attack: Reni - 01Click here for our video teaser!Sneak Attack: Reni - 01Sneak Attack: Reni - 02Sneak Attack: Reni - 03Sneak Attack: Reni - 04Sneak Attack: Reni - 05Sneak Attack: Reni - 06Sneak Attack: Reni - 07Sneak Attack: Reni - 08Sneak Attack: Reni - 09Sneak Attack: Reni - 10Sneak Attack: Reni - 11Sneak Attack: Reni - 12Sneak Attack: Reni - 13Sneak Attack: Reni - 14Sneak Attack: Reni - 15Sneak Attack: Reni - 16

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