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Sneak Attack: Rasha

Your adorable FWR producer recently used many of the Cyber Monday proceeds to bring nearly all the equally adorable FWR wrestlers into the studio for a huge one day shoot. Without Rick’s knowledge, Becca and Madison picked out some of the newer girls and brought them into one of bedrooms to “get to know them”. Rasha was the first girl they chose and as soon as they had her in the room they attacked! Poor Rasha couldn’t defend herself as Becca and Madison double teamed her with claw holds, leg locks, choke holds, and scissors. Rasha begged to be released but the trash talking, nasty FWR veterans simply laughed and continued the domination! In the end poor Rasha was knocked out by Madison’s signature reverse figure four head scissors. Becca and Madison then did their sexy victory poses over the sleeping beauty known as Rasha!

Sneak Attack: Rasha - 01Click here for our video teaser!Sneak Attack: Rasha - 01Sneak Attack: Rasha - 02Sneak Attack: Rasha - 03Sneak Attack: Rasha - 04Sneak Attack: Rasha - 05Sneak Attack: Rasha - 06Sneak Attack: Rasha - 07Sneak Attack: Rasha - 08Sneak Attack: Rasha - 09Sneak Attack: Rasha - 10Sneak Attack: Rasha - 11Sneak Attack: Rasha - 12

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