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Skull Crushers: Becca

Have you ever been caught in a head scissor hold? Your opponent wraps their legs around your neck, hooks their ankles together, and SQUEEZES!

While it may seem simple to escape from this wrestling move you quickly find out that a woman's legs are their strongest asset. You pry at the thighs to open them up but find it impossible. You try to reach down to her ankles to unlock them but it's impossible. You try to roll but end up stuck in a more awkward position.

Sometimes all you can do is hope that your opponent is simply trying to weaken you enough to release you and put you in another hold. If she's planning to end the match with her scissor hold all she needs to do is tighten her feminine thighs to constrict the blood flow to your brain. In this case you have two options: tap out or get knocked out!

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In this segment of our Skull Crushers Series we feature the lovely Becca as she destroys a helpless Madison with her deadly thighs! Enjoy!