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Scissor Submissions IV

Two beauties enter the ring in robes, are given the rules, then remove their robes to reveal their bikini-clad bodies. The bell rings and after a quick tug on the ropes, they lockup and the battle begins. Daisy and Madison exchange a few moves then Daisy flips her rival to the mat and slams her thighs around Madison’s head in a straight head scissor. She rolls and smashes Madison’s head into the mat but Madison uses her incredible strength to pry her opponent’s legs apart. Then it’s her turn to squash Daisy’s head and neck as the battle continues. They go back and forth but Madison is too much for Daisy and an intense body scissor brings a dramatic submission! But Madison lays her thigh on Daisy’s chest and tells her “I think we’ll have a little more fun with my legs!” then goes to town on poor Daisy with tons of sexy scissor holds that have the blond begging for mercy until a final figure four scissor submission ends this spectacular scissor-filled video!

Scissor Submissions IV - 01Click here for our video teaser!Scissor Submissions IV - 01Scissor Submissions IV - 02Scissor Submissions IV - 03Scissor Submissions IV - 04Scissor Submissions IV - 05Scissor Submissions IV - 06Scissor Submissions IV - 07Scissor Submissions IV - 08Scissor Submissions IV - 09Scissor Submissions IV - 10Scissor Submissions IV - 11Scissor Submissions IV - 12Scissor Submissions IV - 13Scissor Submissions IV - 14Scissor Submissions IV - 15Scissor Submissions IV - 16Scissor Submissions IV - 17Scissor Submissions IV - 18Scissor Submissions IV - 19Scissor Submissions IV - 20

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