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School Girl Squabble

This custom video begins with Peyton and Becca realizing that they've both chosen the same Halloween costume for a party. Well, even though the beauties are close friends they love to deal with their problems with a good old cat fight! In a three part fight, Peyton gets the upper hand a few times but it's very evident that Becca is the stronger girl and she ends up dominating her friend with a bear hug, plenty of scissors, face slapping, and humiliating school girl pins. Poor Peyton is forced to beg for her release then tries to run away from Becca only to be caught and dominated in another part of the house. The sexy school girl outfits get ripped off and they continue the battle in their bras and panties. We think you'll really enjoy this sexy little school girl fight!

School Girl Squabble - 01Click here for our video teaser!School Girl Squabble - 01School Girl Squabble - 02School Girl Squabble - 03School Girl Squabble - 04School Girl Squabble - 05School Girl Squabble - 06School Girl Squabble - 07School Girl Squabble - 08School Girl Squabble - 09School Girl Squabble - 10School Girl Squabble - 11School Girl Squabble - 12School Girl Squabble - 13School Girl Squabble - 14School Girl Squabble - 15School Girl Squabble - 16School Girl Squabble - 17School Girl Squabble - 18School Girl Squabble - 19School Girl Squabble - 20

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