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Scarlett's First Pro Match: Part Two

After those first two rounds of wrestling humiliation I told the referee that I didn’t want to wrestle anymore. But when I turned to get up I saw Kat in her corner with that smirk on her face. It actually made me a little angry!

I stood up as she approached me with her hands in the air. I could tell that she wanted to do a test of strength so I locked fingers with her.

I actually felt like I could force her hands back when she suddenly kicked me right in my gut! I doubled over clutching my belly when I felt her arms go around my head, back me up a bit, then flip me to the mat! 

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Have you ever had someone do that to you? It feels like your head is being ripped off your shoulders then you feel the mat slam into your back!

As I arched my back in pain, the girl laid to my side and snaked her legs around my neck. I tried like crazy to push free as I kicked and stomped the mat. She was just too strong for me.

The ref reached in to make sure there wasn’t a choke and I reached up to try to grab Kat’s hair.

BIG MISTAKE! The girl grabbed my wrist and pulled on it. Then she started squeezing harder by bending her legs. My face started getting all squished between the canvas of her boots and the flesh of her thighs!

Just as I thought it couldn’t get any worse … it did. She opened her legs a little and rolled me onto my side to close her thighs even tighter and higher than before!

Now this was humiliating! My face was deep in her bare legs and I was helpless to do anything about it. The ref checked for another choke but ruled that it was ok.

Mercifully, Kat released me but moved into yet another variation of the scissors on my neck and face.

Her legs stretched out over my body as she laid behind my head. The fleshy thighs squeezed my cheeks but in reality, this position didn’t hurt quite as much.

The ref got in close to me and asked if I wanted to submit. Since this scissor didn’t really hurt I thought I could actually escape, so I said “No, I don’t submit.”

That was my second big mistake! One of her legs curled up under my chin and she hooked her ankle behind her other knee. I knew immediately that this was going to be the third knockout.

But this one was different than the others. While there was pressure under my chin, the fleshy parts of her thighs were actually cushioning my face. But as I looked up at the ref I suddenly felt like a snake was tightening around me. The muscles in Kat’s thighs became hard as they pressed in behind my ears. The tingling came and I drifted off quickly.

The pressure that I felt this time was a little different. It was straight down on my chest as I heard the slamming hand on the mat again.

I don’t really know what happened next other than feeling the gentle touch of a hand on my cheek followed by a yell and a rustling sound. A sudden burst of pain shot through my cheek and I awoke suddenly! My cheek stung like crazy and sitting on top of me was that girl in blue!

I was yanked up into a sitting position then had my head pushed into a weird position. She had her hand on my chin and the other arm wrapped around my neck. The pressure increased and my eyes drifted upwards. My body tingled and I was out again.

Once again, as I slept I felt the pressure on my chest and the slamming sound by my head. I dreamed that it was over … that I was laying in a nice bed with people massaging my aching body while soft, gentle music played to relax me.