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Scarlett's First Pro Match: Part Three

Someone was tapping me on the nose. One of the women giving me a massage in my dream was teasing me … I suddenly opened my eyes. In horror I saw her looking down at me. “Boop! Are you ready to lose this match? You only have to go to sleep one more time, sweetie!”

“But first, let’s have a little more fun with you because I love beating up new girls!”

She shoved me over onto my stomach, sat on my back, and forced my arms back over her legs. Her hands gripped me under my chin and she pulled! I can’t even begin to describe the pain and I felt in this weird hold! I’ve NEVER felt so helpless!

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Just when I thought I was going to black out from the pain I heard the ref start arguing with Kat. “C’mon, Kat. Let her go and finish this match.” Kat loosened her grip a little as she argued, “Why? This cute girl is learning so much about wrestling. I’m actually helping her!”

“She’s had enough, Kat!” the ref said.

Kat sighed and released me but quickly switched positions on my back to face my feet. She did some sort of positioning to my legs and I suddenly cried out in pain! I couldn’t see what she did but I could tell that one ankle was trapped while my foot was being pulled back. I slapped the mat in agony.

The ref came around in front of me and asked if I gave up and I was about to say “YES!!” when Kat got off me, spun around again, and grabbed a handful of my hair while still trapping my legs!

The ref asked again, “Do you give up?” I began to say yes when the girl let go of my hair and grabbed my wrists!

Now I was completely helpless while the same thing happened. The ref came in and asked the same question. At this point I couldn’t even answer. All I could do was grimace in pain. The girl in the blue wrestling outfit had totally destroyed me.

She released me from the hold, grabbed my hair, and threw me over her knee in a painful back bend. I cried out for her to let me go but she just laughed and kept bending me farther and farther over her knee.

I was relieved when she let go of my chin but was sent right back into pain when her elbow SMASHED into my gut! I doubled up, clutched my belly, and fell onto the mat.

The girl yanked me up and held me by the hair as she stared down at me. I suddenly knew why they called her Kat as her cat-like eyes stared deep into mine. I was petrified. I didn’t want any more of this! I was beyond defeated. I was humiliated!

She stuck her finger in my face and said “You will NEVER be as tough as me. You don’t deserve to step foot in a ring that I’m in. I will always be your wrestling nightmare.”

She dragged me to my knees, moved behind me, and said “Nighty-night, sweetheart! You’ll soon be dreaming about how I totally destroyed you today!”

The familiar sensation of her arms snaking around my neck and head began. She did it slowly this time, seemingly enjoying the complete domination. I struggled at first … probably a knee-jerk reaction to the inevitable ending of this match … but once again my body started to tingle. But this time it actually felt good. I knew that it was finally over.

I remember looking up at her. She was looking down at me with those cat-eyes. I tingled more. It was a weird feeling but I think I actually started to enjoy her gripping me. A beautiful girl had easily destroyed me and I was putty in her hands.

I let out a little sigh as I drifted off to sleep.

There were obviously a lot of things that happened after I was knocked out but this time I slept deeply until the referee was able to wake me up. However, I had a chance to look at the match afterwards and saw the embarrassing position that Kat put me in when she pinned me.

The ref slapped the mat three times then raised the arm of the winner in blue. Kat even had some fun posing victorious over me as she planted her wrestling boot on my unconscious body then sat on me smiling like I was some big game trophy!

In the end, after being woken up by the ref, I realized that I had a lot to learn. The ref, who introduced herself as Madison, consoled me and offered to help train me.

Maybe with Madison’s help I’ll get even with Kat one day.