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We love Kelsi, but sometimes she just doesn't know when to be quiet! When she met Hellena Heavenly for the first time she turned into a giggling schoolgirl! Her first (and last) mistake was telling the icon of women's wrestling that she was a HUGE fan ... following Hellena's work since she was just a kid! Well, needless to say, you don't tell someone like Hellena that she's OLD! So ... the tough pro took Kelsi to school with a MAJOR boxing beatdown!

Hellena gets very creative in this match, positioning the "dopey" Kelsi in the ropes and all around the ring! Our little fem ends up VERY punch-drunk and giddy as her face is pummelled. Hellena traps the cutie in the ropes in lots of fun ways, finally punching her out and leaving her with a couple of shiners to remember her by!

Rope-A-Dope - 01Click here for our video teaser!Rope-A-Dope - 01Rope-A-Dope - 02Rope-A-Dope - 03Rope-A-Dope - 04Rope-A-Dope - 05Rope-A-Dope - 06Rope-A-Dope - 07Rope-A-Dope - 08Rope-A-Dope - 09Rope-A-Dope - 10Rope-A-Dope - 11Rope-A-Dope - 12

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