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Rival Gangs Collide

Peyton is called to her gang leaders hideout to learn that their rival gang is trying to take control of the neighborhood. She’s sent to find the boss and defeat her. Fade in to Peyton sneaking into the other gang’s gym where she finds Persephone, one of the goons. She sucker punches the girl then drags her to the ring to find out where the boss is. When Persephone refuses to talk, Peyton knocks her out and leaves her in the ring. Persephone wakes and hides a tazer, knowing Peyton will return. Thinking Persephone is still unconscious, she begins to wake her only to be attacked with the tazer! From there on out, Persephone slowly breaks Peyton down with stomps, belly punches, a foot choke, leg nelson, step-over toe hold, and a laying bearhug submission. Having totally broken Peyton, Persephone gets her out of the ring and makes the beauty strip for her. When Peyton fearfully refuses to tell where her boss is hiding, Persephone continues the humiliation with a tight schoolgirl pin, a sexy body on body leg hook pin, straight and reverse head scissors. The completely broken Peyton finally says she’ll do anything Persephone wants. The ending of this video has Persephone enjoying her prize! And we’re sure you’ll enjoy it too!

Rival Gangs Collide - 01Click here for our video teaser!Rival Gangs Collide - 01Rival Gangs Collide - 02Rival Gangs Collide - 03Rival Gangs Collide - 04Rival Gangs Collide - 05Rival Gangs Collide - 06Rival Gangs Collide - 07Rival Gangs Collide - 08Rival Gangs Collide - 09Rival Gangs Collide - 10Rival Gangs Collide - 11Rival Gangs Collide - 12Rival Gangs Collide - 13Rival Gangs Collide - 14Rival Gangs Collide - 15Rival Gangs Collide - 16Rival Gangs Collide - 17Rival Gangs Collide - 18Rival Gangs Collide - 19Rival Gangs Collide - 20Rival Gangs Collide - 21Rival Gangs Collide - 22Rival Gangs Collide - 23Rival Gangs Collide - 24

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