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Reni's First Match

Hi guys, Madison here. I found out there was a new female wrestler coming to FWR so I thought it would be really cool if I could get a match with her. I was really happy when the producer agreed to let me be the first one to wrestle her in the ring so I put on my favorite bikini … you know, the one with the fight club sign on the bottom.

I didn't know anything about the girl except that her name was Reni. From what I've seen most new girls really don't know anything about wrestling.

So, full of confidence, I made my way to the ring and there she stood in the far corner. She was tiny but I'll admit she was cute.

I took my corner and looked at her with my best evil stare just to intimidate her. I think it was working because she looked rather nervous.

The bell rang and we circled but she looked didn't really know what to do. I jumped her and put her into a tight head lock. She struggled like crazy trying to escape but I've got strong arms and I knew that there was no way she could get away.

I forced her into a corner where I held her in place and began punching her in the tummy. She grunted with each punch that I laid on her. 

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I thought I'd have a little more fun and I started throwing my hip into her belly which caused her even more pain.

It was so much fun watching this little girl gasping and struggling to breathe as I worked over her little body. I finally decided to take her to the ground.

I gave her a quick snap mare and before she knew it she was flat on her back. 

Well as all my fans know, my legs are my strongest asset. So I jumped on her and put her into a side head scissor. She clawed my thighs trying to get pry them apart but it was no use .

I even decided to try and choke her a little bit with my barefoot so I stuck it on her throat and pressed down hard. She gasped and stomped her feet in pain.

But I still wasn't done with her so I stood up and put my foot on her throat and pressed down laughing at her as she struggled beneath me.

I wanted to continue having fun with the new girl so I grabbed her by the hair and pulled her to her feet. Then I took her over to the ropes.

I put her throat over the middle rope and pushed down as hard as I could, watching and laughing as she gasped for air. 

I know it was kind of bad for me to be so cruel to this young lady, but I wanted to prove to her that this wasn't going to be as easy as she thought it would be, wrestling for FWR.

I put my leg over the top of her body and head and pushed down with my entire body weight so that she could barely breathe.

This was a blast but it was time to get her back down to the mat. I grabbed her by the hair and threw her back into the ring. Then I jumped on her for my signature wrestling move, the reverse head scissors!

It was time to make her suffer and knock her out.

I pulled my legs up tight into a figure four head scissor and pulled hard on my leg. She stomped her feet and pried at my legs but I could see that she was getting weaker and weaker.

Her hands slowly dropped to the mat but I had some strange feelings inside of me that made me want to show her more of my abilities. I pretended to pin her but pulled her up at the last second.

I looked into her eyes and tapped her cheek to wake her then I grabbed her hair and started to pull her up to her feet.