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Reni's First Match: Part Two

Suddenly there was a sharp pain between my legs!

As I pulled the girl to her feet she suddenly threw her arm up right between my legs and I dropped like a rock. The pain was so intense that I could barely see straight.

When my eyes focused I saw her standing over my body. Then she put her bare foot right onto my throat and pushed all of her weight down onto me.

I kicked and bucked my lower body but she had me in a bad position. There was some sort of hidden beast inside this girl that I hadn't noticed before!

She finally took her foot off me and my hands immediately went to my neck to massage the pain and catch my breath. But I should have tried getting up because she moved to the other side of me and slammed her foot down into my belly … twice!

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I was really in pain at this time and all I could think of was trying to escape. When she stopped to taunt me, I quickly rolled onto my hands and knees to crawl away.

Big mistake! Her foot thumped into my belly again and I flew onto my back once again. This girl was destroying me! I'm Madison! No one should be able to hurt me like this!

I coughed and gasped, trying to get air back into my lungs but she continued her attack by sitting down on me.

She grabbed both of my arms and crossed them in front of me then extended her legs, hooking the bare feet around my neck!

The weight of her body and the constricting position I was in caused me to panic! There was nothing I could do. This little blond was dominating me more than anyone else I've ever wrestled before.

At this point I was basically done. My belly was on fire, I was short of breath, and my arms were numb so when she got off me and grabbed me by the hair there was nothing I could do.

The fierce little blond pulled me up to my feet. It was very humiliating because I was so weak that she had to steady me in front of her before she plowed her foot deep into my belly!

I flew back into the corner where the girl continued to humiliate me. She stood me up straight and put her foot on my throat again, crushing my windpipe again!

But she still wasn't done hurting me as she hovered her foot in front of my face and gave me two slap kicks to the cheek! I dropped to my butt hoping to avoid any more kicks but there was her bare foot again, smashed into my cheek!

Finally, the girl grabbed my hair and threw me into the center of the ring where I lay helpless. My body no longer responded and all I could do was wait for the final pin … or worse, the final knockout!

And it came soon enough.

The blond laid down on top of me and wrapped her slender legs around my head. She was going to finish me off with my own signature hold!

"No", I thought as those legs wrapped my head in tight. She did the move perfectly! Her right leg was hooked under my head and she pulled back on her right leg, forcing my face deep into her thigh muscles!

I tried to pry myself free but I knew there was no escape. The darkness came slowly … too slowly, if you want my opinion.

It was slow enough for me to look back on this fiasco of a wrestling match. I was so cocky at the beginning, certain that would destroy her.

But my big mistake was that I should have taken the early victory when I had the chance! But I opened myself up to her after I woke her up for more punishment!

The darkness finally came … but not completely. I think the girl actually knew enough to release me while I was in that middle ground between the conscious and the unconscious.

I could feel her laying on top of me … pushing my extended hand down into the mat … hooking my leg … and counting me out.

It was almost like watching something in slow motion … and inside a deep haze.

Then I felt a cool sensation on my cheek and realized it was her bare foot. She was doing her victory pose.

The final thing I heard before I finally slipped into complete darkness was her saying, "By the way, my name is Reni. And you're my first victory!"