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Rasha's Evil Plan

Rasha wants Lisa’s boyfriend so she’s come up with a dastardly plan. She sets a camera up at ringside, turns it on, and tells Lisa’s boyfriend that she’s challenged Lisa to a wrestling match to show that she’s the better woman! When Lisa enters the ring and asks about the camera, Rasha tells her that she just wants to record her match to get better. Suddenly, Lisa finds herself flat on her back and put through painful holds such as hammerlocks, lots of hair pulling, a camel clutch, a surfboard hold, head vice, head scissors, over the knee back breaker, half boston crab, a leg lock, lots of clawing and twisting of feet and ankles, a bow and arrow, a double arm choke, and a knockout dragon sleeper. As poor Lisa sleeps, Rasha goes to the camera, brags about how she dominated Lisa then decides to force the blond to actually give her boyfriend to her. Rasha gets back in the ring and gains a huge screaming submission from the sobbing Lisa! Don’t miss this video!

Rasha's Evil Plan - 01Click here for our video teaser!Rasha's Evil Plan - 01Rasha's Evil Plan - 02Rasha's Evil Plan - 03Rasha's Evil Plan - 04Rasha's Evil Plan - 05Rasha's Evil Plan - 06Rasha's Evil Plan - 07Rasha's Evil Plan - 08Rasha's Evil Plan - 09Rasha's Evil Plan - 10Rasha's Evil Plan - 11Rasha's Evil Plan - 12Rasha's Evil Plan - 13Rasha's Evil Plan - 14Rasha's Evil Plan - 15Rasha's Evil Plan - 16Rasha's Evil Plan - 17Rasha's Evil Plan - 18Rasha's Evil Plan - 19Rasha's Evil Plan - 20

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