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Purrrfect Peyton III

As you may recall, this cosplay styled series of videos began with “Poison Stevie” then continued with “Purrfect Peyton” where you and Peyton defeated Amber, and recently with “Purrrfect Peyton II” where you and Peyton defeat Lo. This episode continues after Peyton turned on you in the previous video. You find yourself in the ring with Peyton, wearing a very interesting outfit and brandishing a whip, ready to attack. You suddenly see Lo beside Peyton and they announce that they’re now partners to defeat me … but Lo suddenly sucker punches Peyton and we find out that you’ve hired Lo as your assistant to take out Peyton! Several sweet knockouts via head scissors, face punches, a dragon sleeper, and a one-legged choke leaves Peyton snoring and sleeping soundly on the couch. We fade to a celebration with Lo that takes another twisting turn and before you know it we find Lo unconscious, snoring, and looking sweet on your kitchen counter top! Enjoy!

Purrrfect Peyton III - 01Click here for our video teaser!Purrrfect Peyton III - 01Purrrfect Peyton III - 02Purrrfect Peyton III - 03Purrrfect Peyton III - 04Purrrfect Peyton III - 05Purrrfect Peyton III - 06Purrrfect Peyton III - 07Purrrfect Peyton III - 08Purrrfect Peyton III - 09Purrrfect Peyton III - 10Purrrfect Peyton III - 11Purrrfect Peyton III - 12Purrrfect Peyton III - 13Purrrfect Peyton III - 14Purrrfect Peyton III - 15Purrrfect Peyton III - 16Purrrfect Peyton III - 17Purrrfect Peyton III - 18Purrrfect Peyton III - 19Purrrfect Peyton III - 20

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