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Purrrfect Peyton II

It all started when Stevie tried to steal your powers and failed (see “Poison Stevie”). Then Amber jumped you in another failed attempt because you brought in Peyton as your henchwoman (see “Purrrfect Peyton”) In this episode we find that the evil Lo, Stevie and Amber’s sister/boss has decided to take matters into her own hands. She confronts Peyton in the ring … in a GREAT opening sequence that reveals her and Peyton in sexy cosplay make-up and costumes. The intense battle begins with Lo punching Peyton right out of the ring then jumping on her for a sexy reverse head scissors! Peyton manages to escape and the girls trade punches. The battle rages into the dressing room where boots are used as weapons, kicks are plentiful, a sweet foot choke and double hand chokes are employed as these beauties fight it out in the small space. The fight works its way back into the ring where Peyton manages to overtake her foe with her HARD face punches. You become a part of the action when Peyton and you drag Lo do her feet to knock her out with a double nerve pinch. But in a twist of events, after Lo is knocked out, Peyton turns on you! She wants to take over the business … but you’re too powerful and ko her with another nerve pinch. In the final scene we fade in on Lo and Peyton BOTH unconscious and snoring on the couch as you check out their bodies and beautiful bare feet!

Purrrfect Peyton II - 01Click here for our video teaser!Purrrfect Peyton II - 01Purrrfect Peyton II - 02Purrrfect Peyton II - 03Purrrfect Peyton II - 04Purrrfect Peyton II - 05Purrrfect Peyton II - 06Purrrfect Peyton II - 07Purrrfect Peyton II - 08Purrrfect Peyton II - 09Purrrfect Peyton II - 10Purrrfect Peyton II - 11Purrrfect Peyton II - 12Purrrfect Peyton II - 13Purrrfect Peyton II - 14Purrrfect Peyton II - 15Purrrfect Peyton II - 16Purrrfect Peyton II - 17Purrrfect Peyton II - 18Purrrfect Peyton II - 19Purrrfect Peyton II - 20

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