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Property of the Queen

Becca and Peyton give us another EPIC wrestling video that will decide the true FWR champion! In a five round match, your favorite FWR wrestlers attack each other and when a knockout / 10 count happens, the winner of that round strips an article of clothing off of the unconscious loser! The winner of the full match gets the losers bikini! Each knockout includes eye rolling, some tongues hanging out, a little twitching, and the ultimate humiliation of the knockout being sealed with a little kiss. The beauties attack each other with more wrestling holds than we can list here but the action is fast and furious as Peyton and Becca bring the pain to each other! Assuming that some of you would want Becca to win and some would want Peyton to win this custom video gives you TWO different endings! The girls defeat each other, tie them up with their socks, and write on their bodies with lipstick declaring them their “bitch” and “Property of the Queen” --- sealed with a kiss on the butt cheek. And we think you’ll love the ending! Don’t miss it!

Property of the Queen - 01Click here for our video teaser!Property of the Queen - 01Property of the Queen - 02Property of the Queen - 03Property of the Queen - 04Property of the Queen - 05Property of the Queen - 06Property of the Queen - 07Property of the Queen - 08Property of the Queen - 09Property of the Queen - 10Property of the Queen - 11Property of the Queen - 12Property of the Queen - 13Property of the Queen - 14Property of the Queen - 15Property of the Queen - 16Property of the Queen - 17Property of the Queen - 18Property of the Queen - 19Property of the Queen - 20Property of the Queen - 21Property of the Queen - 22Property of the Queen - 23Property of the Queen - 24

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