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Poor Peyton

In the final episode of the lift and carry domination matches with Becca and Peyton we find Becca trapping her friend on the bed, slapping her silly. Becca decides that she wants to wrestle in the ring but Peyton tries to escape. But Becca is too fast and strong, lifting Peyton up in a front lift then into a cradle carry as she takes her through the house while taunting and teasing her. Peyton doesn’t want to fight but knows that if she struggles it won’t end well for her. Becca takes her to the studio, strips her of her schoolgirl outfit then gets the scared brunette into the ring. A nice long one-sided wrestling match begins with Becca dominating poor Peyton with a head lock, standing head scissor, camel clutch with a sleeper hold knockout, a fireman’s carry, a laying down sleeper hold knockout, a torture rack, a standing sleeper hold knockout, and a tight reverse figure four head scissor knockout. Poor Peyton is taunted and teased by her dominant friend throughout the match. Becca ends things with a school girl pin while forcing Peyton to look up at her from her humiliating position. The final part of the video features Becca carrying Peyton around in front carries and cradle carries inside the house as she scolds her submissive friend. We hope you enjoy this specialty custom video!  ** We've reduced the price from $21.95 to $14.95 since there is a large amount of non-wrestling action in this video. However, if you love sexy lifting and carrying scenes you're geting a deal! Enjoy! 

Poor Peyton - 01Click here for our video teaser!Poor Peyton - 01Poor Peyton - 02Poor Peyton - 03Poor Peyton - 04Poor Peyton - 05Poor Peyton - 06Poor Peyton - 07Poor Peyton - 08Poor Peyton - 09Poor Peyton - 10Poor Peyton - 11Poor Peyton - 12Poor Peyton - 13Poor Peyton - 14Poor Peyton - 15Poor Peyton - 16Poor Peyton - 17Poor Peyton - 18Poor Peyton - 19Poor Peyton - 20Poor Peyton - 21Poor Peyton - 22Poor Peyton - 23Poor Peyton - 24

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