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Peyton's Prank War

You and Peyton have been doing pranks on each other but her latest one, dying all your underwear pink, is the last straw. You find her in front of the ring and when she begins to laugh you kick her between the legs! A challenge is made and you both climb in the ring to fight. The fists go up and you exchange bare knuckle punches to the face and body. Round one has you both fighting equally, even exchanging speedbag facials until the bell ends the round. Round two is also an equal fight but Peyton drops you and jumps on you for some ground and pound until you’re saved by the bell. Round three ends up with you angrily hitting Peyton with an uppercut that sends her into the ropes with her arms trapped! You pound her until she gets free but finish her with a long speedbag facial and a knockout uppercut. After the match you make Peyton pay her dues by going out and cleaning the pool in a tight-fitting one piece thong bathing suit … and there’s a pool party going on! Enjoy!

Peyton's Prank War - 01Click here for our video teaser!Peyton's Prank War - 01Peyton's Prank War - 02Peyton's Prank War - 03Peyton's Prank War - 04Peyton's Prank War - 05Peyton's Prank War - 06Peyton's Prank War - 07Peyton's Prank War - 08Peyton's Prank War - 09Peyton's Prank War - 10Peyton's Prank War - 11Peyton's Prank War - 12Peyton's Prank War - 13Peyton's Prank War - 14Peyton's Prank War - 15Peyton's Prank War - 16Peyton's Prank War - 17Peyton's Prank War - 18Peyton's Prank War - 19Peyton's Prank War - 20

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