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Peyton's Poor Back

Peyton enters the studio in her workout clothes and on the phone to Rick, the handsome young wrestling producer. It seems that she pulled her back out earlier while exercising and wants him to postpone her match against Becca. But she’s informed that the match MUST go on so she heads to the dressing room. After she leaves the room we find out that Becca was listening in on her conversation! Cut to match time where Peyton tries to end the match quickly by attacking Becca with a tight head lock. But Becca knows how to hurt Peyton and immediately picks her up and slams her down over her knee! Peyton cries out in pain and the fun begins! Every back-bending hold in the book is given to poor Peyton by her blond rival including a bow & arrow, body slams, a boston crab, a bear hug, stomps to the back, a surfboard, a camel clutch, and many more pain inducing holds that have the cute brunette crying out her submissions that have no effect on her tormentor. Becca continues the torture with a final hangman and torture rack before finally accepting Peyton’s cries of defeat! In the end Becca poses on poor Peyton while grinding her knee and boot into the sobbing girl’s back. You’ll love this one-sided domination!

Peyton's Poor Back - 01Click here for our video teaser!Peyton's Poor Back - 01Peyton's Poor Back - 02Peyton's Poor Back - 03Peyton's Poor Back - 04Peyton's Poor Back - 05Peyton's Poor Back - 06Peyton's Poor Back - 07Peyton's Poor Back - 08Peyton's Poor Back - 09Peyton's Poor Back - 10Peyton's Poor Back - 11Peyton's Poor Back - 12Peyton's Poor Back - 13Peyton's Poor Back - 14Peyton's Poor Back - 15Peyton's Poor Back - 16Peyton's Poor Back - 17Peyton's Poor Back - 18Peyton's Poor Back - 19Peyton's Poor Back - 20

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