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Peyton's Interview

This custom video features Peyton as a new girl who comes to meet the boss but instead, meets Lo. Lo turns a simple interview into a major beat down as she decides that Peyton would make a great jobber! There’s tons of taunting and belly teasing as our story unfolds. Lo focuses on Peyton’s tight little belly with plenty of belly punches then continues the “interview” in the wrestling ring. Poor Peyton is at the larger beauty’s mercy as she endures painful wrestling holds combined with powerful belly punches. The brunette is knocked out several times only to be awoken for more punishment. After a long domination series, Peyton is knocked out for good as Lo poses victorious over her. Then the boss enters as a sheepish Lo has to explain why Peyton is unconscious on the floor! Don’t miss another epic Peyton beat down!

Peyton's Interview - 01Click here for our video teaser!Peyton's Interview - 01Peyton's Interview - 02Peyton's Interview - 03Peyton's Interview - 04Peyton's Interview - 05Peyton's Interview - 06Peyton's Interview - 07Peyton's Interview - 08Peyton's Interview - 09Peyton's Interview - 10Peyton's Interview - 11Peyton's Interview - 12Peyton's Interview - 13Peyton's Interview - 14Peyton's Interview - 15Peyton's Interview - 16Peyton's Interview - 17Peyton's Interview - 18Peyton's Interview - 19Peyton's Interview - 20Peyton's Interview - 21Peyton's Interview - 22Peyton's Interview - 23Peyton's Interview - 24

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