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Peyton Sells Out Jackie

This great custom video follows the story of Peyton, who received an offer of a huge payday if she would totally destroy her friend Jackie. The two girls enjoy having friendly wrestling matches to get some exercise and work on holds. Peyton is told by the rich customer that she would need to place her cell phone next to the ring so he could watch Jackie’s destruction. The match begins and Peyton quickly overpowers Jackie and gains a Boston crab submission. Thinking it was over, Peyton grabs her phone only to find a text from the customer telling her it wasn’t enough! Peyton returns to the ring and reluctantly goes to town on the stunned Jackie! A harsh clothesline, multiple body slams, knees to the belly, and a sleeper hold knockout still isn’t enough for the customer so Peyton returns to the ring to do a final EXTREME domination of poor Jackie. The nearly unconscious girl is violently yanked up by her long red hair over and over again, barely able to stand on her feet as Peyton eventually finishes her with TWO powerful stunners. The customer is finally satisfied and sends Peyton her money. Peyton leaves, sadly knowing that she sold Jackie out and lost a good friendship. 

Peyton Sells Out Jackie - 01Click here for our video teaser!Peyton Sells Out Jackie - 01Peyton Sells Out Jackie - 02Peyton Sells Out Jackie - 03Peyton Sells Out Jackie - 04Peyton Sells Out Jackie - 05Peyton Sells Out Jackie - 06Peyton Sells Out Jackie - 07Peyton Sells Out Jackie - 08Peyton Sells Out Jackie - 09Peyton Sells Out Jackie - 10Peyton Sells Out Jackie - 11Peyton Sells Out Jackie - 12Peyton Sells Out Jackie - 13Peyton Sells Out Jackie - 14Peyton Sells Out Jackie - 15Peyton Sells Out Jackie - 16Peyton Sells Out Jackie - 17Peyton Sells Out Jackie - 18Peyton Sells Out Jackie - 19Peyton Sells Out Jackie - 20

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