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Persephone's Your Jobber Girl

You join Persephone in the dressing room and after a hug she tells you how much fun she had being your jobber in a recent match and that she’s got a secret crush on you. You point to a bikini hanging nearby and have her meet you in the ring. We move on to the first part where you dominate Persephone in a wrestling match filled with belly stomps, corner splashes, a boot choke, a step-over toe hold, a head scissor, hammerlock, a leglock, sleeper hold ko, hair mare, and schoolboy pin for a 3 count. A happy Persephone asks if she can do some moves to you and proceeds to whip you into a corner, body splash you, foot choke you, and head scissor you. She finally wants you to finish her off with a choke hold followed by a match book pin. When she wakes up she finds herself alone and heads to the dressing room where she finds a note from you … “In 20 minutes meet me in the ring for our boxing match!” Persephone excitedly goes to the wardrobe to choose a pink bikini and boxing gloves. In another lengthy segment you dominate the beauty in a boxing match as she giggles and moans, loving the dominance you have over her. The action ends up outside the ring as she happily becomes your punching bag. In the end she goes to the dressing room to find a note from you saying: “Meet me at your place for dinner.” Persephone changes into a form-fitting mini dress and leaves, excited to continue this amazing evening!

Persephone's Your Jobber Girl - 01Click here for our video teaser!Persephone's Your Jobber Girl - 01Persephone's Your Jobber Girl - 02Persephone's Your Jobber Girl - 03Persephone's Your Jobber Girl - 04Persephone's Your Jobber Girl - 05Persephone's Your Jobber Girl - 06Persephone's Your Jobber Girl - 07Persephone's Your Jobber Girl - 08Persephone's Your Jobber Girl - 09Persephone's Your Jobber Girl - 10Persephone's Your Jobber Girl - 11Persephone's Your Jobber Girl - 12Persephone's Your Jobber Girl - 13Persephone's Your Jobber Girl - 14Persephone's Your Jobber Girl - 15Persephone's Your Jobber Girl - 16Persephone's Your Jobber Girl - 17Persephone's Your Jobber Girl - 18Persephone's Your Jobber Girl - 19Persephone's Your Jobber Girl - 20Persephone's Your Jobber Girl - 21Persephone's Your Jobber Girl - 22Persephone's Your Jobber Girl - 23Persephone's Your Jobber Girl - 24

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