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Persephone's KO Plan

Persephone’s tired of the other girls saying how easy it is to knock her out so she pays you to video tape scenes in which you try to knock her out. She’s confident that she can show how hard it is to ko her. She gives you part of the money in advance then invites you to punch her, which you do … knocking her out instantly. The video continues with Persephone getting increasingly frustrated that she keeps getting knocked out! You punch her out, use a nerve pinch, an iron claw, a mandible claw, and several self-ko moves. Each knockout includes heavy eye rolling, tongue out, twitching reactions which include limp play, eye checks, and long lingering views of her unconscious body. Angry that she’s not getting a video that she can use, Persephone decides to bring in ko weapons like a frying pan, blackjack, and a brick, but her attempts to stay awake are futile. In the end, your humble producer enters the studio to find Persephone laying in the ring. When she asks what happened, I tell her that the videographer left hours ago, angry that she never gave him his full payment. And in retribution, he posted her ko video online for EVERYONE to see! A shocked Persephone’s eyes roll up and she passes out! Don’t miss this epic video!

Persephone's KO Plan - 01Click here for our video teaser!Persephone's KO Plan - 01Persephone's KO Plan - 02Persephone's KO Plan - 03Persephone's KO Plan - 04Persephone's KO Plan - 05Persephone's KO Plan - 06Persephone's KO Plan - 07Persephone's KO Plan - 08Persephone's KO Plan - 09Persephone's KO Plan - 10Persephone's KO Plan - 11Persephone's KO Plan - 12Persephone's KO Plan - 13Persephone's KO Plan - 14Persephone's KO Plan - 15Persephone's KO Plan - 16Persephone's KO Plan - 17Persephone's KO Plan - 18Persephone's KO Plan - 19Persephone's KO Plan - 20Persephone's KO Plan - 21Persephone's KO Plan - 22Persephone's KO Plan - 23Persephone's KO Plan - 24Persephone's KO Plan - 25Persephone's KO Plan - 26Persephone's KO Plan - 27Persephone's KO Plan - 28

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