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Persephone's Knockout Secret

We join cute little Persephone in the ring where she admits that she’s got a secret. She LOVES getting knocked out! Since she doesn’t have a match she asks you to film her knocking herself out and even helping her with a few of the ko’s. The beauty proceeds to knock herself out by running head first into the turnbuckles, by using a boxing glove, running head first into the wall, hitting herself with a frying pan, hitting a metal wok on her head, by having you use a tazer on her, various head smacks into furniture and ball, and a blackjack hit by you! Each move involves a LONG eye-crossing knockout, lots of cuckoo sounds, silly faces and smiles, and even some hair fetish fun. We KNOW you’ll enjoy Persephone’s Knockout Secret!

Persephone's Knockout Secret - 01Click here for our video teaser!Persephone's Knockout Secret - 01Persephone's Knockout Secret - 02Persephone's Knockout Secret - 03Persephone's Knockout Secret - 04Persephone's Knockout Secret - 05Persephone's Knockout Secret - 06Persephone's Knockout Secret - 07Persephone's Knockout Secret - 08Persephone's Knockout Secret - 09Persephone's Knockout Secret - 10Persephone's Knockout Secret - 11Persephone's Knockout Secret - 12Persephone's Knockout Secret - 13Persephone's Knockout Secret - 14Persephone's Knockout Secret - 15Persephone's Knockout Secret - 16Persephone's Knockout Secret - 17Persephone's Knockout Secret - 18Persephone's Knockout Secret - 19Persephone's Knockout Secret - 20

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