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Not a Playground!

While Madison enjoys a little quiet time in the dressing room, Scarlett (thinking no one is there) sneaks her friend Persephone into the studio to show her where she's been doing her wrestling videos. The girls jump in the ring and begin play fighting with squeals and giggles that Madison quickly hears in the dressing room.  Madison strips out of her jump suit to reveal her black wrestling gear and angrily attacks the girls in the ring! "This is not a playground!" she yells, while tearing into the two girls. Madison then dominates both girls with double holds, knocking them out and stripping them down to their bikinis. Several painful double leg locks are applied as Scarlett and Persephone scream in agony! In the end, Madison knocks them out and piles them in the ring for a quick victory pose. You'll love this video ... and our newest wrestler Persephone!

Not a Playground! - 01Click here for our video teaser!Not a Playground! - 01Not a Playground! - 02Not a Playground! - 03Not a Playground! - 04Not a Playground! - 05Not a Playground! - 06Not a Playground! - 07Not a Playground! - 08Not a Playground! - 09Not a Playground! - 10Not a Playground! - 11Not a Playground! - 12Not a Playground! - 13Not a Playground! - 14Not a Playground! - 15Not a Playground! - 16Not a Playground! - 17Not a Playground! - 18Not a Playground! - 19Not a Playground! - 20Not a Playground! - 21Not a Playground! - 22Not a Playground! - 23Not a Playground! - 24

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