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Ryan and Tommie stand in opposite corners as Peyton, the referee, announces the rules for this match. She introduces Tommie then turns to introduce Ryan when Tommie interrupts her and says “Next!”. She makes it clear that anyone who wants a match with her is just in line like all the rest! The bell rings and Ryan shows how skilled she is as she works Tommie over. But Tommie does what she does best, and that’s cheat …. By hitting Ryan below the belt! Tommie tortures Ryan with a standing head scissor and a Boston crab. When she realizes that Ryan has a history of not submitting to a crab hold she releases her. Ryan gains control of the match and after some impressive wrestling holds, gives her screaming opponent a fast airplane spin then ties her up in a tight leghook pin! When Peyton raises Ryan’s hand in victory, Tommie attacks Ryan and gives her a nasty choking session on the ropes! Peyton tries unsuccessfully to get Tommie to stop and call for the bell over and over again! Tommie finally leaves as Ryan is lucky to have survived this intense ending!

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