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Never Steal from Becca

Sexy Becca, dressed in her gold sequined dress, goes to the couch to remove her heels when a cat burglar sneaks up on her with a chloro rag. Becca turns at the last second and the girls get into a fist fight. The confident and cocky burglar enjoys the fight and is slightly stronger than Becca, who’s offended that anyone would try to steal from her. Becca tackles Daisy to the couch but is surprised when Daisy knocks her out with the chloro rag. The burglar heads to the dressing room to fill her bag with money but Becca wakes up and attacks! The dominant and arrogant side of Becca appears as she slowly wears Daisy down then knocks her out with a kick to the face. In the next scene we find Daisy waking up in the ring wearing a revealing bikini. Becca appears in her tiny gold bikini stating that she thought she’d change them into more comfortable fighting outfits and proceeds to destroy Daisy in a great wrestling domination. In the end, Becca forces Daisy to become her personal thief and leads the submissive cat burglar off to plan their next heist. Don’t miss this!

Never Steal from Becca - 01Click here for our video teaser!Never Steal from Becca - 01Never Steal from Becca - 02Never Steal from Becca - 03Never Steal from Becca - 04Never Steal from Becca - 05Never Steal from Becca - 06Never Steal from Becca - 07Never Steal from Becca - 08Never Steal from Becca - 09Never Steal from Becca - 10Never Steal from Becca - 11Never Steal from Becca - 12Never Steal from Becca - 13Never Steal from Becca - 14Never Steal from Becca - 15Never Steal from Becca - 16Never Steal from Becca - 17Never Steal from Becca - 18Never Steal from Becca - 19Never Steal from Becca - 20

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