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Misty's Mayhem

Misty is confident that she can defeat Antoinette in this pro wrestling match. She takes control early, working over her surprised opponent, and gets the first pinfall. The match is an EPIC first to gain 4 pins and includes all the great wrestling moves and holds that you've come to love in our Antoinette matches. The girls each gain equal pinfalls bringing the match to a 3 to 3 tie ... until the final fall defines the winner.

Please note that there were a few instances where Misty's bikini top couldn't quite stay in place, causing a few blips in the action. But in a 39 minute video you'll have PLENTY to enjoy!

Misty's Mayhem - 01Click here for our video teaser!Misty's Mayhem - 01Misty's Mayhem - 02Misty's Mayhem - 03Misty's Mayhem - 04Misty's Mayhem - 05Misty's Mayhem - 06Misty's Mayhem - 07Misty's Mayhem - 08Misty's Mayhem - 09Misty's Mayhem - 10Misty's Mayhem - 11Misty's Mayhem - 12

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