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Misha, The Merciless

This leglocks challenge match took place in a rather brutal setting. Our studio is normally air conditioned but on this particular day, the AC quit working! Jacquelyn Velvets traveled all the way from the east coast to take on our own Misha and there was no way we could reschedule the match. So ... in nearly 100 degree heat, these two beauties went at it!

The contest called for each girl to get as many leglock submissions as possible in two 5 minute rounds. Jacquelyn started out strong, catching Misha off guard. Misha submitted to 2  painful leglocks but gathered her inner strength and escaped Jacquelyn's figure four leglock. Misha then went on the attack and showed an amazing display of brutality! She worked on Jacquelyn's legs in a way that had EVERYONE wincing in pain just watching! It might have been the heat, or it might have been some inner animal in Misha that just seemed to appear, but we KNOW you'll enjoy this display of BRUTAL leglock wrestling! 

Misha, The Merciless - 01Click here for our video teaser!Misha, The Merciless - 01Misha, The Merciless - 02Misha, The Merciless - 03Misha, The Merciless - 04Misha, The Merciless - 05Misha, The Merciless - 06Misha, The Merciless - 07Misha, The Merciless - 08Misha, The Merciless - 09Misha, The Merciless - 10Misha, The Merciless - 11Misha, The Merciless - 12

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