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Mindy Boxes Becca: Part Two

After the blond coed slammed into the far corner I went running toward her, intent upon smashing my bigger and stronger body into hers. I could visualize the impact, her body going flat, the air rushing from her lungs … but at the last second she rolled out of the way! It was too late to stop my momentum and I slammed into the turnbuckles! The force stunned me and I fell down, only to feel her boot smash into my gut!

No!!! This couldn't be happening! I had her right where I wanted her! She was supposed to be begging me to knock her out! And now I found myself underneath her as she slammed punch after punch into my face! The leather stung as it hit my cheeks and caused me to see stars.

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I felt her yank me to my feet and place me in front of the turnbuckle. She smashed my head into the padding and I thought it wouldn't hurt but it did!

She wasn't letting me get my senses back because she was moving so fast. My vision was blurry as she turned me and flung me into the opposite corner.

My vision cleared enough to see that she took a second to look at the cameraman …. and the look in her eyes was something I've never seen before! Pure evil! Pure anger!

I was still so groggy from the punches and turnbuckle smashes that I felt completely helpless, hanging in the corner. I saw her running at me and tried to get out of the way like she did to me earlier, but my body refused to respond. When she reached me, her fist flew back and she smashed an intense punch square into my face!!

My head snapped back and I knew that I was in BIG trouble! That feeling of being helpless, that feeling of having nothing to protect me, that feeling of being exposed rushed at me … it was like I was back in the ring with Kasey several years ago when she beat me senseless!

Becca went to work on me at this point, slamming lefts and rights into my face, hooks into my belly, and jabs into my nose! I was defeated and I knew it! The little blond had found an inner strength and I was reduced to nothing more than a tall, weak, groggy blond.

She put her boxing gloves around my face and gently led me to the center of the ring. My legs could barely support me as she steadied me with her left glove under my chin.

"Are you ready to get knocked out now?" she asked. I really didn't want to say it, I couldn't accept this kind of defeat again! But I had nothing left. My arms hung uselessly, the boxing gloves seemed to weigh a ton. My legs were weak and I had no choice but to accept my fate.

"Yes, please finish me." I said quietly and humbly. "Knock me out." It was not an easy thing to do, but this girl had me under her control. She was the better woman and I had to accept my defeat.

I've been knocked out before. The pain of the final blow is quick and sudden, but the knockout is always a slow motion type of thing. I feel everything …. but from a distance.

Her glove came up HARD under my chin and I felt my head snap back. The rest of the sensations were distant in my mind … my arms flying back, my legs buckling, my back hitting the mat.

And as I finally slept the sleep of an unconscious woman and the blond coed did her victory poses over me, I had one last memory of this match …. like Kasey described in her previous dialog of my first boxing match, my pale thighs jiggled when they landed on the mat and I no longer looked strong in my black leotard.