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Meet Me in the Ring

We begin in the dressing room where Scarlett is preparing for a match. She sees Peyton lounging on the sofa and asks why they have never met in the ring. Peyton, a true diva, tells her it’s because Scarlett is too busy being beaten up by the girls half her size. Scarlett gets angry and tells Peyton to suit up and meet her in the ring. Cut to the sound of the bell and the female wrestlers getting down to business with a lock-up. But Peyton is too experienced for Scarlett and the pink haired rookie is overwhelmed with Peyton’s head lock, hammerlock, and surfboard holds. But Scarlett manages to take a brief advantage and nearly pins Peyton and although she kicks out, Peyton ends up in a head lock by Scarlett. But Scarlett takes things a little too serious and punches Peyton square in the face, stunning the girl. But after the initial shock of being punched, Peyton gets angry! And you don’t want an angry Peyton when her fists go up!! Let’s just say that Scarlett learned a little lesson in fisticuffs in this match!

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