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Main Event Impressions

The “Main Event” has returned! We join Lisa in the ring shadow boxing and fantasizing about her next victory and showing off an imaginary championship belt. Daisy enters the ring and is told by the over-confident Lisa that the “Main Event” isn’t hiring for a valet. Daisy, clearly there for a match, tells Lisa that she’s not impressed and can take her on. Lisa says “Hang on”, exits the rings, puts on her silver ring jacket, re-enters the ring, throws her arms wide and announces, “LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, YOUR MAIN EVENT OF THE EVENING!!” She tosses her jacket out of the ring and the wrestling match begins. The pro-style wrestling match is indeed impressive with the action going back and forth. The beautiful grapplers use head locks, hammerlocks, corner work, scissor holds, a waist lock, full nelson, corner throws, a few punches and knee strikes, an eye rake across the ropes, some hair standing and hand stomping, a leg lock, a surfboard, and an intense camel clutch. In the end, Daisy is on her back with the “Main Event” looking down victorious and asking “Impressed yet?” Great action and beautiful wrestlers are waiting for you!

Main Event Impressions - 01Click here for our video teaser!Main Event Impressions - 01Main Event Impressions - 02Main Event Impressions - 03Main Event Impressions - 04Main Event Impressions - 05Main Event Impressions - 06Main Event Impressions - 07Main Event Impressions - 08Main Event Impressions - 09Main Event Impressions - 10Main Event Impressions - 11Main Event Impressions - 12Main Event Impressions - 13Main Event Impressions - 14Main Event Impressions - 15Main Event Impressions - 16Main Event Impressions - 17Main Event Impressions - 18Main Event Impressions - 19Main Event Impressions - 20

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