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Madison's Texas Tussle

Your humble producer received a text from Madison a few weeks ago while she was visiting Texas. She explained that a video she planned to do for another producer fell so I offered to let her do an impromptu video with the other girl, Kim Chi. Madison and Kim sent me a test video (included at the end of this video) to show me the quality of the cell phone produced video. I was pleased so I sent them the payment and they filmed this awesome fight. And when I say fight, I mean it! This wasn’t a little slap & tickle bed wrestling match, these girls went at it hard! Kim Chi is obviously trained in catfighting and, after letting Madison do a little dominating, destroyed her! Chokes, grapevine pins, extremely tight scissors, and even some face sitting smothers had poor Madison gasping for air most of the time. There was a tiny bit of scripting involved to set the stage but this was a pure catfight that poor Madison lost. In the end she was hogtied and gaged by the tough Kim Chi. We think you’ll enjoy this hotel fight and we're glad that Madison survived!

Madison's Texas Tussle - 01Click here for our video teaser!Madison's Texas Tussle - 01Madison's Texas Tussle - 02Madison's Texas Tussle - 03Madison's Texas Tussle - 04Madison's Texas Tussle - 05Madison's Texas Tussle - 06Madison's Texas Tussle - 07Madison's Texas Tussle - 08Madison's Texas Tussle - 09Madison's Texas Tussle - 10Madison's Texas Tussle - 11Madison's Texas Tussle - 12Madison's Texas Tussle - 13Madison's Texas Tussle - 14Madison's Texas Tussle - 15Madison's Texas Tussle - 16Madison's Texas Tussle - 17Madison's Texas Tussle - 18Madison's Texas Tussle - 19Madison's Texas Tussle - 20

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