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Madison's Ab Destruction

We fade in on Madison doing sit-ups in the ring. Her rock hard abs and prominent six pack are amazing as we pan back to find Reni and her friend, Rasha, watching from the dressing room door. It turns out that Reni recently got beaten very badly by Madison so she's brought a friend to help her get even. Reni enters the ring while Rasha sneaks in behind Madison to kneel behind her. Reni shoves the cocky Madison and she falls to the mat over Rasha! Then the double teamed belly beat down begins! Poor Madison is destroyed by hard punches and kicks to her tummy turning it red. She's held on the mat, held in a dragon sleeper, held in a full nelson, held on the ropes, held in the center of the ring, and POUNDED by both girls! In the end a double punch to the belly finally causes  Madison to pass out from the lack of air and extreme pain. Poor Madison!

Madison's Ab Destruction - 01Click here for our video teaser!Madison's Ab Destruction - 01Madison's Ab Destruction - 02Madison's Ab Destruction - 03Madison's Ab Destruction - 04Madison's Ab Destruction - 05Madison's Ab Destruction - 06Madison's Ab Destruction - 07Madison's Ab Destruction - 08Madison's Ab Destruction - 09Madison's Ab Destruction - 10Madison's Ab Destruction - 11Madison's Ab Destruction - 12Madison's Ab Destruction - 13Madison's Ab Destruction - 14Madison's Ab Destruction - 15Madison's Ab Destruction - 16

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