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Madison Packs a Punch: Part Two

Poor Becca's eyes were glassy as I got off of her, but she definitely wasn't knocked out. It was pretty easy to pull her to her feet and I really enjoyed the limpness of her body. Her legs could barely hold her body weight so I put her over in the corner.

After draping her arms over the ropes so she wouldn't fall down, I began having some great fun throwing punches into her bare belly! 

I took my time, knowing that she was so groggy that she couldn't do anything to prevent me from punching her. The "popping" sound of my gloves as they hit her tight abs was exhilarating! I made sure to throw a few quick double punches just to keep her breathless.

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Then, as she hung there trying to catch her breath, I went to work on that pretty face of hers. I punched her with rights and lefts, enjoying the little grunts she made as her head snapped back and forth! And like earlier, I made sure not to hit her too hard because I was having too much fun dominating her!

Taking my time and measuring my punches also gave me plenty of time to enjoy myself. I felt so strong in my bikini and knew from experience that Becca probably felt the complete opposite. Being helpless, feeling overwhelmed, and being unable to punch back is definitely NOT a fun position to be in.

I could have had fun with this all day but there was one specific emotion that I was hoping to get from my dazed and flustered opponent. Becca needed to be groggy, dazed, and hurt enough so that that she would BEG for this to end! And she would know that the only way for this to end would be to get knocked out!

Can you imagine that? Being so utterly destroyed that you would hope to suffer the pain of knowing that I'm about to hit you with a punch SO hard that you're going to lose consciousness?

The time was very near … but not quite! As I stood back and looked at my cute blond opponent, she let out a small sigh and slid down to a sitting position in the corner. Her eyelids were half closed and she could barely hold her head up.

I kneeled down in front of her and popped a few more hooks into her pretty face. The time was near! Her grunts were getting weak, her body just shook as I hit her, and she was soon unable to hold her head up.

I guess I've got a sadistic side and held her head up and hit her with a few more hard jabs that pretty much sank into her weak face! I felt strong! I felt confident! I felt like a jungle cat setting up for the kill!

And finally, I knew it was time. Becca was so defenseless that she couldn't even hold her head up. I put my gloves on both sides of her face and pulled her up to her feet and into the center of the ring.

I stood there, feeling like a powerful Amazon warrior as I held the barely conscious blond up with one glove under her chin. Her eyes were closed … she was so close to already being unconscious … but I needed to know, I needed her to tell me, I needed to hear her consent to being finished off. This was the ultimate prize!

When I asked, "Are you ready to get knocked out?", her eyes opened slightly and she weakly said those special words … "Yes, I can't take any more. Please end it."

Ah, that was exactly what I was hoping for! Becca's groggy permission to be rendered unconscious after being SO totally dominated by my superior boxing punches! I held her steady then SLAMMED a hard uppercut into her chin!

Becca's head snapped back and she fell to the mat, giving out a little sigh before laying still. She was finally at peace … at least until she woke up and realized the massive beating she had taken from my boxing gloves!

But in the meantime, as she slept, I took my time taking several victory poses. I made sure that I had as much fun enjoying my victory as I had enjoyed punching the girl to her final knockout.

She might want a rematch after she recovers, but I'm not worried. To be honest, while being the winner is a power trip and very fulfilling, there are opposite emotions that come with being the loser.

And sometimes a girl just feels like losing! Yeah, now that I think about it …. I definitely want a rematch with Becca!!