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Madison Packs a Punch: Part One

Hi, this is Madison! I've been having a great time wrestling in the FWR ring. I won some and lost some, but the competition is awesome. I'm not ashamed to lose but I won't lie … I like it MUCH better when I win!

I've really enjoyed the wrestling matches, wearing different types of outfits and going up against different girls, but I've never had a chance to do a boxing match. I've always wondered what it would be like to punch another girl in the face. Yeah, I know it's kind of sadistic, but I've been thinking about it! Yeah, it's possible that I would be the one getting punched in the face but I'm tough and I think I could take it.

So, I approached the guy who sets up the matches and asked if he'd set me up with a boxing match. He seemed pretty happy that I asked and before I knew it, I was entering the ring to box with Becca in an anything goes style boxing match. 

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We both wore string bikinis, knee pads, and boots. I've gotta admit … the outfits are my favorite part of this fighting thing. Maybe that sounds weird, but there's an empowerment to beating another girl when you're minimally dressed. And it's equally humiliating when you're the one getting beaten!

Anyway, Becca and I entered the ring and stared each other down from our corners. She beat me once in a submissions wrestling match so I knew that this could be a rough boxing match. But I kept my composure and gave her my best "bad girl" stare down when we met in the center of the ring.

The bell rang and our gloves went up. I felt so awesome doing this! I've had a little boxing training so I knew to hold my gloves up high to protect my face. We circled and I waited to see what Becca was going to do.

My patience paid off. Becca suddenly pulled her glove back to hit me with a hook, but she was slow and I saw it coming a mile away!

I simply ducked under the punch and popped her with a jab to the center of her face!! She shook it off and backed up as we continued circling. She didn't look too bothered by my jab so I knew she was tough.

I waited as we circled, and like before, she pulled that right fist back and I dodged it … then smashed her in the belly! This time I could tell that I shocked her and knocked a little of the air out of her. But again, she was able to shake it off and put her dukes back up to circle again.

It pretty much went the same way … she would go for a punch and I would dodge it and smash her with my white boxing glove! This was a whole lot easier than I thought it would be! She was obviously frustrated and making herself an open target for my punches.

I finally got a strong connection with a punch to her belly that doubled her over. She stuck her cute little chin out as she gasped for air, giving me an awesome target. I pulled back my right and SMASHED an uppercut into that exposed chin! Becca's head snapped back and, with a little cry of pain, the cutie dropped to her knees then to her elbows.

Since the rules were that anything goes, I looked down at the dazed blond and decided to put her cute head into a standing head scissors. When I locked my ankles, Becca knew she was in big trouble and cried out as I started popping punches down on her head. I didn't hit her too hard because I wanted to enjoy this domination. Ha ha, her head looked great in my bare thighs!

I finally finished my fun with a double handed smash to her head as I opened my legs. She fell down into a funny position with her butt sticking up in the air. She moaned softly so I knew that I was able to continue with my fun. I put my boot on her butt and shoved her down so she was laying flat on the mat.

I had so much fun trapping her head that I decided to do another scissors to hold her in place for my punches. When my legs were tightly surrounding her pretty face, she came to life as she realized her predicament! She tried to plead with me not to hit her, but I was here to win, not give in to her begging. My gloves pounded into her trapped face! I hit her just hard enough to smoosh her pretty nose and make her see stars.

I finally rolled her over and sat up high on her chest in a schoolgirl pin, continuing to trap her face. I took my time, taunting her between each punch. Little grunts came out of her as each punch smashed into her nose and mouth. 

After smacking her several times, I sat back and enjoyed the dazed and confused look in her eyes! This anything goes stuff is fun, but I wanted to get her up so I could start REALLY punching her. I guess you could say that I wondered how much punishment she could take before she ended up knocked out at my feet!