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Madison Destroys Ryan

(Filmed 7/31/2017) We join the visiting female wrestler Ryan in the ring as she stretches prior to her match. Madison enters and challenges the girl to a best of 5 round wrestling match. Ryan isn't intimidated by the muscular beauty in green and agrees. She heads to her corner only to get attacked by Madison and totally dominated for three pain filled rounds! Madison works over Ryan's flexible back with stomps and kicks then uses lots of back breaking holds to destroy her. The visiting beauty experiences Madison's arsenal of wrestling moves that include a Boston crab, dragon sleeper knockout, standing face up head scissors, fireman's carry with power stretch knockout, a camel clutch, an over the knee back breaker, and a torture rack knockout. Poor Ryan is finally placed in some amazing poses as Madison celebrates her victory over the unconscious female wrestler. Don't miss this amazing match!

Madison Destroys Ryan - 01Click here for our video teaser!Madison Destroys Ryan - 01Madison Destroys Ryan - 02Madison Destroys Ryan - 03Madison Destroys Ryan - 04Madison Destroys Ryan - 05Madison Destroys Ryan - 06Madison Destroys Ryan - 07Madison Destroys Ryan - 08Madison Destroys Ryan - 09Madison Destroys Ryan - 10Madison Destroys Ryan - 11Madison Destroys Ryan - 12Madison Destroys Ryan - 13Madison Destroys Ryan - 14Madison Destroys Ryan - 15Madison Destroys Ryan - 16Madison Destroys Ryan - 17Madison Destroys Ryan - 18Madison Destroys Ryan - 19Madison Destroys Ryan - 20

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