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Lo, the Kick Fighter

Are you a fan of the beautiful Lo? Do you like bare feet? Do you kinda wanna know what it would be like to get beat up by Lo’s feet? Then this custom video is for YOU!! This hot video opens with Lo asking you if you like tough girls. She loves kicking guys and wants you to be her practice dummy. You agree and the kick-fest begins! Lo removes her socks and enjoys her total domination of you as you grunt and groan from her hard barefoot stomps, straight kicks, slap kicks, high kicks, sweeping kicks, “windshield wiper kicks”, and lots of taunts and trash talking. She drops you and sits on you for some mounted punches then slides back to lay her beautiful bare feet on your face. She even drags you to your knees for a sweet “foot facial” then stands up to stomp your face and finish with a double foot in face count out. You’ll LOVE this sexy custom foot video!

Lo, the Kick Fighter - 01Click here for our video teaser!Lo, the Kick Fighter - 01Lo, the Kick Fighter - 02Lo, the Kick Fighter - 03Lo, the Kick Fighter - 04Lo, the Kick Fighter - 05Lo, the Kick Fighter - 06Lo, the Kick Fighter - 07Lo, the Kick Fighter - 08Lo, the Kick Fighter - 09Lo, the Kick Fighter - 10Lo, the Kick Fighter - 11Lo, the Kick Fighter - 12Lo, the Kick Fighter - 13Lo, the Kick Fighter - 14Lo, the Kick Fighter - 15Lo, the Kick Fighter - 16

Get this 10.5 minute, 419MB video for only $9.95!

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