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Lisa's Dastardly Plan

Our series entitled “The Investor” and “The Investor: Part Two” features Peyton wrestling to keep her job at FWR. The series is a custom story that inspired another customer to write his own script that features Lisa, a tough little scrapper, recruiting Summer and Renee to help her destroy Peyton. Lisa’s objective is to impress Becca, one of the investors, so she can become a major player at FWR. Peyton isn’t afraid of the three rookies and immediately attacks them in the ring, sending them scrambling! But it’s obvious that three against one isn’t the best odds and although Peyton eliminates Summer and Renee, they find ways to attack her outside the ring! Lisa cheats throughout the match, even bringing in a black jack that nearly finishes poor Peyton off. But our scrappy brunette manages to kick out of Lisa’s attempted pins and in the end gets the three count to win the match! But while Peyton is addressing the camera to send a message to Becca, the three rookies ATTACK and totally destroy Peyton, leaving her unconscious in the ring. You’ll LOVE this match! 

Lisa's Dastardly Plan - 01Click here for our video teaser!Lisa's Dastardly Plan - 01Lisa's Dastardly Plan - 02Lisa's Dastardly Plan - 03Lisa's Dastardly Plan - 04Lisa's Dastardly Plan - 05Lisa's Dastardly Plan - 06Lisa's Dastardly Plan - 07Lisa's Dastardly Plan - 08Lisa's Dastardly Plan - 09Lisa's Dastardly Plan - 10Lisa's Dastardly Plan - 11Lisa's Dastardly Plan - 12Lisa's Dastardly Plan - 13Lisa's Dastardly Plan - 14Lisa's Dastardly Plan - 15Lisa's Dastardly Plan - 16Lisa's Dastardly Plan - 17Lisa's Dastardly Plan - 18Lisa's Dastardly Plan - 19Lisa's Dastardly Plan - 20

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