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Lisa's Challenge

We join Lisa in the dressing room telling us how the dean messed up and put her in a dorm room with a guy who’s a real jerk. His constant pranks finally got to her and she retaliated then got in trouble for it! So, she’s challenged him to a boxing match with the stipulation that the loser has to run through the quad in an outfit of the winner’s choice. You play the role of her jerky roommate and she confidently dominates you with her hard punches, low blows, and speedbag facials. Lisa taunts and teases you about what she plans to make you wear until a surprise uppercut from you sends the shocked blond into the ropes! You beat on the poor girls with your boxing gloves, even giving her a speedbag facial then dropping her with a hard punch below the belt! She’s unable to stand and gets counted out to lose the match and the bet! In the end, Lisa is seen wearing a CK underwear set as she heads out to run through the quad with cheers being heard outside!

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